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German shepherds Breeder and Dog Trainer in Welland Ontario

Our training philosophy is based on positive motivation, repetition and consistency. We are a goal-oriented company takes pride in knowing to create harmony into the lives of dogs and their owners. A well-trained dog will bring many years of joy, companionship, security and comic relief. An untrained dog can be an endless source of stress, embarrassment and become a liability. We hope to assist you and your pet to get the most out of life.


We believe in making training fun for both the dogs and their families using positive reinforcement training methods beneficial for increasing the relationship with the dog and the owner. In this program your puppy will learn to:

*To be comfortable as a pet within human society-a society that includes many different types of people, surfaces, sights, sounds, smells, and other dogs.

*Learn to focus on you despite distractions and exciting surroundings.

*Learn basic puppy training commands such as sit, down, stay and response to name

*Walk and run on a loose leash

*Introduction to agility obstacles such as jumps, tunnel, A-frame

What you need for the class. Long leash. Regular leash. Regular collar. Water for your puppy. Treats for training (kibbles or dry beef liver). Pooping bags 😊

This class is available every week, starting September 25, 2020, outdoor in Wainflleet, ON.

Indoor training will start November 21, 2020. Saturdays only. Address for indoor training building:

8223 South Chippawa Rd., Wellandport, ON.

( 1/2 mile East of the intersection of Smithville Rd. Regional Road 14)

You will be required to have a copy of your puppy’s up-to-date vaccination record and a signed waiver before attending the first class. 


Six-week course. Small groups. 5-6 puppies in a training group.

$240 (HST included). Placement is first come first serve.

Puppies MUST have their third set of vaccinations prior to attending these sessions

Please use this email address asia_sedenkova@yahoo.com for e-Transfer for Deposit and in a Message indicate the following- Beginner Obedience Class. 


Privet Obedience training program is suitable for dogs of any age, breed, size or temperament. It's ideal for puppies 6 months or older, older dogs with minimal training, or dogs who need to refine their obedience skills. You will learn how to teach your dog heal, sit, down, stay, down-stay, wait, place, come, and release. Lessons can take place in your home or outdoors.

Six lessons package $300 (HST included)




All Dogs must be at least 8 weeks of age and in good health. Current veterinary records must accompany. All dogs over 6 months must shown rabies vaccination.

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